Happy New Year 2022

As we start our 27th year on the web, Happy New Year to all our visitors and supporters around the world. The past year was particularly eventful: to celebrate the centennial of excavations at Harappa we opened a new section starting with the first discoveries by Daya Ram Sahni at the site in January 1921. In the coming year we will continue to explore the images from subsequent Archaeological Survey of India seasons at the site, 1921-1940, with the original words of the archaeologists who did the work.

We also added numerous videos to our newly active YouTube channel, with many more presentations by the world's leading Indus archaeologists and scholars discussing many of the latest ideas and discoveries.

Once again many, many thanks to Nadine Zubair, Vasant Dave, Ilona Aronovsky and Jeff Turner for their help on everything from editing, programming and managing our Facebook and Twitter presences. Dr. Jonathan Mark Kenoyer provided invaluable advice and guidance as usual. Without this group, so much less would be presented to the thousands of people who visit the site and social channels every day.

Stay tuned for 2022 – there is so much more to come!

Omar Khan