A Free Complete Indus Font Package Available

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Four thousand years in the making, a free Indus script font package in scalable vector graphics for use in Word and other programs is now available. Over 1,800 signs represent the best Indus concordance by the longtime scholar Dr. Asko Parpola. It was engineered by the National Fund for Mohenjodaro in Pakistan, a Government of Sindh project.

The release of this open-access font for Windows and Macintosh computers makes manifest a longtime desire here at Harappa.com. The lack of a good font has hampered the digital transmission of Indus letters and memes, and what we can do and show on the website. A solid font will make genuine, homogenous Indus lettering available for a wide range of artistic and commercial uses. Certainly it will make Harappa.com a better place to visit in the coming years.

The Indus script became high tech before it was read.

Leafing through the hundreds of signs made available by the laudable work of Shabir Kumbhar, Amar Fayaz Buriro and Dr. Kaleemullah Lashari, one is struck by there being so many signs of people. They are doing, acting, standing, posing, identifying, carrying, merging, trading; craftsmen, priests, scribes, rulers, clan leaders, people of endless places and occupations playing their part in a vast system of meaning and manufacture at the dawn of civilization.

A video is available from YouTube, 25 minutes of letters falling on to screens to a soft electronic melody. Lovely.