Ancient Indus Valley Cart Kit

A step-by-step guide to making an ancient Indus Valley working 'toy' cart from clay. With a dozen related classroom activities and teacher's notes, templates and modelling instructions, numerous artefact illustrations and diagrams. Printable pdf's on CD, plus film clips of activities.

Does not include parts.

HEC History Education Consultancy, London, 2007

Indus cart (Template B) © Cambridge University Art Museum

1 Templates (2 styles)
2 Cart Making Instructions
3 Activities (Word Match 1, Mystery Object, Test the Cart, Test Modern Vehicles, Cart Experiment, Modern Vehicles, Design Evaluation, Design Brief, Cart Estimation, Reconstruct a Life-size cart, Transport Investigation, Word Match 2, The Cart Energy Cycle, Draw a Flow Chart, Word Match 3)
4 Teacher's Notes
5 Illustrations (Templates, 25 diagrams and artefacts, animal figurines actual size)
6. Film Clips of activities included on CD
ISBN 1 903180 01 5
ISBN 978-1903180136