66. What were houses like in ancient Indus times?

Shereen Ratnagar
In a city like Mohenjo-daro, the excavators have said that the thick-walled houses could have taken an upper storey; there were several rooms and courtyards to a house, but whether each of these was the space for specific activities, we don’t know—if, like people today, the occupants regularly cleaned (sept) their living space, we won’t know how rooms were used. True, the early reports do mention draft debris, the odd grinding stone or ornament, in the individual rooms, but even so this does not give us any pattern of use.

Paolo Biagi
Well organized, with water supply and multi-floored, in many cases.

Above: Drawing of the Interior of Hall 76, House XIII, VS Area [of Mohenjo-daro], one of 28 rooms in a well-preserved building. See also An Indus House #1 and An Indus House #3.