Around the Indus in 90 Slides Slides

1.Sailboat in Karachi bay.2.Bullock cart and boat.
3.Desert nomads.4.Terraced fields.
5.Himalaya mountains.6.Chitral valley.
7.Mohenjo-daro, Sindh.8."Great Bath," Mohenjo-daro.
9."Great Bath, " Mohenjo-daro.10.Street, Mohenjo-daro.
11.Well, Mohenjo-daro.12.Bath Area, Mohenjo-daro.
13.Mound AB, Harappa.14.Public well, Harappa.
15."Granary," Harappa.16.Working Platforms, Harappa.
17.Mound F, Harappa.18.Modern Harappa.
19.Corbelled drain, Harappa.20.Mound E and ET, Harappa.
21.Weights, Harappa.22.Toy carts, Nausharo.
23.Toy boat, Harappa.24.Moulded tablet.
25.Unicorn Seal, Mohenjo-daro.26.Seal (back), Mohenjo-daro.
27.Bull seal, Harappa.28.Bison seal, Mohenjo-daro.
29.Inscribed objects, Harappa.30.Seals and tablets, Harappa.
31. Seals/sealing, Mohenjo-daro.32. Seal, Mohenjo-daro.
33.Seal, Mohenjo-daro.34.Seal, Mohenjo-daro.
35.Seal, Mohenjo-daro.36.Silver seal, Mohenjo-daro.
37.Seals, Mohenjo-daro.38.Tokens or tablets, Harappa.
39.Male head, Mohenjo-daro.40.Head (back), Mohenjo-daro.
41."Priest King."42."Priest King" (back).
43."Priest King" (side).44.Sculpture.
45. Seated male (back).46. Seated male.
47.Figurines.48.Figurine heads.
49.Male figurines.50.Figurine (female).
51.Figurine (female).52.Figurines (female).
53.Modern replicas.54.Bull figurine and mold.
55.Modern bull.56.Bull figurine.
57.Mohenjo-daro farmers.58.Ram figurine.
59.Modern sheep.60.Dog figurine.
61.Tiger? figurine.62.Turtle figurine.
63.Elephant head.64.Monkey figurine.
65.Whistles.66.Terra cotta discs.
67.Terra cotta cones.68.Terra cotta nodules.
69.Painted burial pottery.70.Burial pottery.
71.Burial of adult man, Harappa.72.Burial of woman, Harappa.
73.Pointed base goblets.74.Cooking pots, Nausharo.
75.Cooking vessel.76.Plate.
77.Terra cotta bangles. 78.Bangles.
79.Ornaments.80.Necklace or belt.
81.Necklace.82.Faience ornaments.
83.Glazed tiles.84.Steatite beads.
85.Libation vessels.86.Shell ladle.
87.Mask.88.Three objects.
89.Moulded tablet.90.Moulded tablet. does not support or condone the sale of antiquities. Please report the URLs of violations.


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