Ancient Indus Civilization Videos

53 ancient Indus civilization videos curated by Ilona Aronovsky (the few worth watching).
Michel Danino gives a guest lecture on Harappan civil engineering
2:07:30 Michel Danino

A lecture on the brilliance behind Indus architecture and civil engineering, with a focus on Dholavira. Michel Danino is an advocate of the Vedic origins of the Indus Civilisation.

Image of complex water system and conduits for water removal

Episode 3 in the French TV series "Civilisations" (2006), in both English and French. A well-done professional introduction to the city of Dholavira and an explanation of the irrigation and aqueduct system, collection of rain water and water reservoirs.


An introduction to the recently discovered city of Jiroft in south-eastern Iran which existed at the same time as the ancient Indus civilization. Unfortunately, much of the site was looted before the Iranian authorities cracked down.

Image of the Curator at the Harappa Museum
12:00 (from 14.30-26.00) Michael Wood

Michael Wood's BBC Documentary series on the history of India, blocked to UK viewers for copyright reasons, however viewable elsewhere in the world.

7:40 Amar Jaleel

Walking tour of Mohenjo-daro in 2013. High Quality footage, some captions, no commentary, very useful for education purposes - to introduce the site, and promote discussion of its key features and buildings. Includes the Museum & shows damage done by erosion.


Professor Ratnagar critiques environmental theories as the sole explanation for the End of the Harappan Tradition, and suggests political collapse of the state is a crucial consideration.


Urdu/Hindi. Nice shots of the site, but a lot of talking heads, sometimes accurate, sometimes not.

17:02 Rajesh P.N. Rao

A fascinating public lecture about the Tata Institute research and what a mathematical approach to the Indus script can suggest.