Ancient Indus Websites



A well presented site in connection with the 2000-2001 Indus Valley exhibition in Japan. Includes a 3-D model of Dholavira.
A comprehensive site on discoveries in India and the ongoing quest to learn more about the lost Sarasvati River.
The Indian Magazine Frontline covers one of many Indus Valley script decipherment hoaxes in an article by Harvard Indologist Michael Witzel and Steve Farmer.
An article from India Today on recent facts and speculations about the Sarasvati River that once flowed parallel to the Indus River.
UNESCO's page on this World Heritage Site.
A new cross-national site on Indus-Saraswati Civilization

Archaeologists and Scholars

Introduces work of Rojdi, Gujarat excavations, publications and map of area by the late world renowned Indus scholar.
A Comprehensive bibliography by leading authority on the Indus script.
A critical and polemical rereading of the Aryan-Dravidian issue.
A monograph detailing the relevance of recent discoveries in Pakistan.
A paper on the lost Sarasvati River which ran parallel to the Indus (Sindhu) in ancient times.


Analysis of inscriptions in relation to metallurgical knowledge of the times.
The controversial paper and other current works by Steve Farmer arguing that Indus Valley signs do not represent a true script.
Dr. Madhusudan Mishra's theory that the Indus language was a primitive form of Aryan and is linked to Sanskrit.
An article by Michel Korvink in the South Asia Graduate Research Journal, pp. 105-121.
A very clear summation of different positions and cold facts.
Recent work by researchers from the Tata Institute, University of Washington, and Institute of Mathematical Sciences on analyzing the structure of the Indus script using statistical methods.
Book review of recent tome insisting on relationship of Indus script to Brahmi.