Preliminary results from recent surveys along the little explored coast of Sindh and Balochistan, where the evidence of ancient human habitation along a one-time mangrove coast keeps growing.

Another question from site visitors answered by a panel of ancient Indus experts.

Another question answered by expert ancient Indus scholars.

A proof of the upcoming survey article by the Dean of Indus script scholarship, Asko Parpola, is now available on; it will be published in the highly anticipated Seals and Sealing in the Ancient World (Cambridge, 2018).

Another answer to a question from you by our panel of leading ancient Indus archaeologists.

Another answer to a question from you to our panel of leading Indus archaeologists.

Another answer to a question to our panel of a dozen leading ancient Indus archaeologists.

A fascinating article that shows how old excavation records together with recent computer modeling techniques can be used to show how a constructed space changed over time, and how that evidence can speak to larger issues in a society.

What are the difficulties which makes it impossible to decipher the Harappan language? Aren't there any similarities with other languages?

Scholars answer another question from site visitors.

Dennys Frenez
Not yet, mainly because boats were made mainly of perishable materials and that coastlines and riverbeds are subject to heavy siltation and modifications. This situation is not typical of the Indus region.


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