Ancient Indus Valley Civilization Books

115 new and classic books on the ancient Indus civilization, from exhibition catalogues to excavation reports, from the scientific to the creative.

Kulli: An Exploration of Ancient Civilization in Asia

Kulli: An Exploration of Ancient Civilization in Asia by Gregory Possehl

An eminent Indus archaeologist looks at the Kulli culture, a highland culture in Baluchistan contemporaneous and adjacent to the ancient Indus civilization at its height. So little is known about this distinct culture whose hallmarks seem to have been absorbed into later Indus Civilization.

Indus Age: The Beginnings

This volume tells the story of the modern discovery of the Harappan Civilization, starting in the early 19th century, when the city of Harappa was first visited by antiquarians.

Daimabad 1976-79

Daimabad by Sali

Discovered in 1958, the excavations between 1976-79 by the Archaeological Survey of India shed much light on this late and post-Harappan site in Maharashtra, then the southern-most known Indus site.



Bahao is an historical fiction novel which has been recognized by B.B.C. as an Urdu classic. The novel is set in the Indus Valley Civilization.