Ancient Indus Valley Civilization Books

120 new and classic books on the ancient Indus civilization, from exhibition catalogues to excavation reports, from the scientific to the creative fiction for adults and kids.

Daily Life in Ancient Mesopotamia

Daily Life in Ancient Mesopotamia

The ancient world of Mesopotamia (from Sumer to the subsequent division into Babylonia and Assyria) vividly comes alive in this portrayal of the time period from 3100 BCE to the fall of Assyria (612 BCE) and Babylon (539 BCE).

God-Apes and Fossil Men: Paleoanthropology of South Asia

God-Apes and Fossil Men: Paleoanthropology of South Asia by Kennedy

A really important book bringing together the data from many different scientific disciplines to spell out what (little) we know of humanoid history in the sub-continent. In many ways, a life's work by an important scientist who made important contributions to the study of Indus people and their forerunners.

The Indus Valley and Early Iran

Indus Valley and Early Iran F.A. Khan

An early by a pioneering Pakistani archaeologist with a Foreword by Sir Mortimer Wheeler is full of interesting plates and drawings, some of them not found elsewhere.

Indus Investigators - Mohenjodaro Mystery

Indus Investigators - Mohenjodaro Mystery

Adventure story for children 8-12 to enjoy, introducing Mohenjodaro and the Indus Civilisation. Two children on a school trip to the ancient site of Mohenjodaro enter a time-warp. They become 'Indus Investigators', guided by friendly figurines and the magnificent 'unicorn', but can they really see the city as it was 4000 years ago?

Trade Winds to Meluhha

A gripping fictional work following the adventures of a young Sumerian boy as he journeys through the ancient Indus civilization.

A History of Indian Archaeology

A History of Indian Archaeology from the beginning to 1947

Dilip K. Chakrabarti, the Cambridge Indian archaeologist, describes the story and personalities, from Alexander Cunningham to John Marshall and Mortimer Wheeler with a touch of Lord Curzon. Much of the story concerns the discoveries of the ancient Indus cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-daro.