4: Fourth Millenium:  3500 - 3000 BCE

4: Fourth Millenium: 3500 - 3000 BCE

Northern Las Bela, Balochistan

Adam Buthi is the earliest site discovered in southeastern Balochistan (18, 19).
It was occupied around the mid-4th millennium BCE and abandoned around 3000 BCE, well before the height of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization.

Southern Las Bela, Balochistan

It is a small (0.14 hectares), but high mound (7.5 meters). The sections revealed several phases of super-imposed, well-built stone houses terraced along the slope of the mound (20, 21, 22).

Pottery is not very abundant.

Northern Las Bela, Balochistan

The vessels are partly handmade, but the slow wheel was also used (23, 24). The shapes and the shiny red to violet slips resemble Kile Ghul Mohammad pottery from northern Balochistan, but, in general, the assemblage is a distinctive local production. The surface of the site is covered with several blades and flakes indicating an extensive silex industry (25, 26, 27).