Asko Parpola, the Finnish world expert on ancient Indus Valley writing, explains his carefully constructed theory of its proto-Dravidian origins, astral relationships and religious significance. Dr. Parpola's 2005, 2008 and 2009 papers consider the latest developments in the field.
Iravatham Mahadevan, India's pioneering Indus script scholar, finds common ground with Parpola and much to disagree with. May 2007: Agricultural Terms in the Indus Script July 2007: Megalithic-Indus Inscription?

A wide-ranging, exclusive interview with Mahadevan: the script, the unicorn sign and his remarkable theory of the cult object. With audio.

Pakistan's Ahmad Hassan Dani disagrees with two old friends. With audio.
Script analysis by Tata Institute scientists and collaborators in Seattle and ChennaiTata Institute Script Research