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1. Excavations at Mohenjo Daro, Pakistan: The Pottery.
By G.F.Dales and J.M.Kenoyer
University Museum Monograph 53. Philadelphia (USA), 1986.
2. From Sumer to Meluhha: Contributions to the Archaeology of South and West Asia in Memory of George F. Dales, Jr. Wisconsin Archaeology Reports, Volume 3. Department of Anthropology, U.W. Madison, 1994.
3. Old Problems and New Perspectives in the Archaeology of South Asia. Wisconsin Archaeology Reports, Volume 2. Department of Anthropology, U.W. Madison, 1989.
4. Antique Bead and Ornament Replicas from South Asia: An Alternative to Antique Bead Collecting and the destruction of Global Cultural Heritage. Ornament
Spring issue 1997 (in press).
5. New Inscribed Objects From Harappa
J.M. Kenoyer and R. H. Meadow.
Lahore Museum Bulletin (In Press).
6. The Ancient City of Harappa Asian Art and Culture
A. M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Spring 1996: pp. 85-99. 1996.
7. Ideology and Legitimation in the Indus State as revealed through Public and Private Symbols The Archaeological Review
4(1& 2): 87-131, 1995.
8. Harappan Technology: Methodological and Theoretical Issues
Bhan, K. K., M. Vidale and J. M. Kenoyer.
Man and Environment
19(1-2): 141-157, 1994.
9. Faience Ornaments of Harappa and the Indus Civilization Ornament
17(3):35-39,95, 1994.
10. Stratigraphic Complexities and Recording of Archaeological Sites: Models from Recent Excavations at Harappa Journal of Pakistan Archaeologists Forum
Vol. 1(1): 1-24, 1992.
11. A new look at stone drills of the Indus Valley Tradition
J. M. Kenoyer and M.Vidale
Materials Issues in Art and Archaeology,
III, Vol. 267. Edited by P. Vandiver, J. R. Druzick, G. S. Wheeler and I. Freestone. Materials Research Society, Pittsburgh, pp. 495-519, 1992.
12. Lapis lazuli bead making in Afghanistan and Pakistan Ornament
15(3): 71-73, 1992.
13. Ornament Styles of the Indus Valley Tradition: Evidence from recent excavations at Harappa. Pakistan Paleorient
17(2) - 1991: 79-98, 1992.
14. The Indus Valley Tradition of Pakistan and Western India Journal of World Prehistory
5(4): 331-385, 1991.
15. Contemporary stone beadmaking in Khambhat, India: patterns of craft specialization and organization of production as reflected in the archaeological record
J. M. Kenoyer, M. Vidale and K. K. Bhan.
World Archaeology
23 (1): 44-63, 1991.
16. Harappan Craft Specialization and the Question of Urban Segregation and Stratification Eastern Anthropologist
44(3-4): Oct.-Dec. issue, edited by V. N. Misra, 1991.
17. Harappa Excavations -1988
By G.F. Dales and J. M. Kenoyer.
Pakistan Archaeology
24: 68-176, 1990.
18. Traditional Indian Potters at the Smithsonian
J. M. Kenoyer and Rita P. Wright.
Vol. 29(3): 55-63, 1988.
19. Recent Developments in the Study of the Indus Civilization The Eastern Anthropologist
Vol. 41(1): 65-76, 1988.
20. The Indus Civilization: Unfathomed Depths of South Asian Culture Wisconsin Academy Review
Vol. 33(2):22-26, 1987.
21. The Indus Bead Industry and Its Contribution to Bead Technology Ornament
10(1):18-23, 1986.
22. Nageshwar, A Mature Harappan Shell Working Site on the Gulf of Kutch, Gujarat.
Kuldeep K. Bhan and J. M. Kenoyer
M.S.U. Baroda
Oriental Institute, Vol. 33(3-4):67-80, 1984.
23. Shell Working Industries of the Indus Civilization; A Summary Paleorient
10(1): 49-63, 1984 .
24. An Upper Palaeolithic Shrine in India?
J. M. Kenoyer, J. D. Clark, J. N. Pal and G. R. Sharma
Vol. LVII:88-94, 1983.
25. Nageshwar: An Industrial Centre of the Chalcolithic Period
Kuldeep K. Bhan and J. M. Kenoyer
No. 12, 1980-81:115-120, 1983.
26. Shell Working at Ancient Balakot, Pakistan
G. F. Dales and J. M. Kenoyer
Vol. 19, (2): 13-19, 1977.
27. Excavations at Harappa 1995 South Asian Archaeology 1993.
Edited by B. Allchin and F. R. Allchin. Oxford and IBH: New Delhi (In Press 1997).
28. Early City-States in South Asia: Comparing the Harappan Phase and the Early Historic Period The Archaeology of City-States: Cross Cultural Approches
Edited by D. L. Nichols and T. H. Charlton, Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution Press. (In Press), 1997.
29. Recent Developments in the Study of the Indus Civilization The Eastern Anthropologist
Vol. 41(1): 65-76, 1988.
30. Metal Technologies of the Indus Valley Tradition in Pakistan and Western India
J. M. Kenoyer and H. M.-L. Miller
The Emergence and Development of Metallurgy
Edited by V. C. Pigott. Philadelphia: University, 1996.
31. Interaction Systems, Specialized Crafts and Culture Change: The Indus Valley Tradition and the Indo-Gangetic Tradition in South Asia The Indo-Aryans of Ancient South Asia : Language, Material Culture and Ethnicity
10(1):18-23, 1986.
Edited by G. Erdosy, pp. 213-257. W. DeGruyter, Berlin, 1995.
32. Shell Trade and Shell Working during the Neolithic and Early Chalcolithic at Mehrgarh
Kuldeep K. Bhan and J. M. Kenoyer
Mehrgarh Field Reports 1975 to 1985
Edited by C. Jarrige, J.-F. Jarrige, R. H. Meadow and G. Quivron, Dept. of Culture and Tourism, Govt. of Sindh and French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Karachi, 1995 pp. 566-581.
33. Indus Valley Technology: New Evidence from excavations and experimental studies at Harappa South Asian Archaeology 1993
Edited by A. Parpola and P. Koskikallio, Vol. 1, Helsinki: Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia, 1994, pp. 345-362.
34. An Harappa Archaeological Research Project 1993 South Asian Archaeology 1993
By R. H. Meadow and J.M. Kenoyer. In. Edited by A. Parpola and P. Koskikallio, Vol. 2, pp 451-470. Helsinki: Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia, 1994.
35. The Harappan State. Was it or Wasn't it? From Sumer to Meluhha: Contributions to the Archaeology of South and West Asia in Memory of George F. Dales, Jr.
Edited by J. M. Kenoyer. Wisconsin Archaeology Reports, Volume 3, pp.71-80. Department of Anthropology, U.W. Madison, 1994.
36. Carnelian Bead Production in Khambhat India: An Ethnoarchaeological Study
J. M. Kenoyer, M. Vidale, and K. K. Bhan
Living Traditions: Studies in the Ethnoarchaeology of South Asia
Edited by B. Allchin. Oxford and IBH. New Delhi, 1994.
37. Excavations on Mound E, Harappa: A systematic approach to the study of Indus urbanism South Asian Archaeology 1991
Edited by A. J. Gail and G. J. Mevissen, G. J. R. Verlag, Stuttgart, 1993, pp. 165-194.
38. Ethnoarchaeological Excavations of the Bead Making Workshops of Khambhat: A View From Beneath the Floors
M. Vidale, J. M. Kenoyer, K.K. Bhan
South Asian Archaeology, 1991
Edited by A. J. Gail and G. J. Mevissen, pp. 273-288. G. J. R. Verlag, Stuttgart., 1993.
39. The Harappa Project 1986-1989: New Investigations at an Ancient Indus City
G. F. Dales and J. M. Kenoyer
Harappan Civilization: A Contemporary Perspective
Edited, (2nd Edition), enlarged, and revised by G. L. Possehl. New Delhi: Oxford & IBH and AIIS, 1993, pp. 469-520.
40. Socio-ritual Artifacts of Upper Paleolithic Hunter-Gatherers in South Asia Walter Fairservis Feschrift
Edited by G.L.Possehl. IBH Pub.Co.:New Delhi, 1992, pp.227-240.
41. Shell Industries of the Indus Civilization Vergessene Stadte Am Indus
Edited by M. Jansen, pp. 224-227. Aachen: RWTH, 1987.
42. Shell Working at Moenjo Daro, Pakistan
J. M. Kenoyer, M. Vidale, and K. K. Bhan
South Asian Archaeology 1983
Edited by J. Schotsmans and M. Taddei, pp. 297-344. Naples: Ist. Univ. Orientale, 1985.
43. South Asian Cooking Festival of American Folklife Program Book
Smithsonian Institution : 1985, pp. 82-86.
44. Shell Industries at Mohenjo Daro, Pakistan Interim Reports Vol 1, Pakistan 1982-83
Edited by M.Jansen and G.Urban, pp 99-116. Aachen:RWTH, 1984.


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