The Hon. Bal Gangathur [Gangadhar] Tilak

The Graphic [London]

September 11, 1897

"The Hon. Bal Gangathur Tilak, the editor of the Poona native journal, the Kesari, is one of the native journalists who have been prosecuted by the Indian Government for publishing seditious articles in the Press. When Mr. Tilak was brought up at the police court, the utmost interest was taken in the case by all sections of the population, but especially by the Hindoos.
"Mr. Tilak and his printer, Keshar Mahdeo Bal, were, after a long hearing, committed for trial. Application was made in the High Court for release on bail. The case was heard by the Hon. Budrudin Tybyee, a Mahomedan, who granted the application. The decision was received by the crowd outside the court with loud cheers, and then Mr. Tilak, as he drove away, met with an enthsiastic welcome."


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