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1Ancient Indus Valley Slides (80)$130
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Includes all 8 six slide sets (Nos. 1-48) plus:
49. Necklace made up of paper-thin flat gold disc beads, interspersed with beads of onyx, amazonite (microcline) turquoise and banded agate, Mohenjo-daro.
50.Detail of gold fillet with punctuated design of ritual stand, Mohenjo-daro.
51.Agate, jasper, green serpentine beads made in different shapes and designs, Mohenjo-daro.

52. Faience ear studs or buttons, and grooved faience ornament, Harappa.
53.Green stone (fuchsite) tumbler from Mohenjo-daro.
54.Copper/bronze weapons from Mohenjo-daro and Harappa.

55. Assorted shell inlay with intersecting-circle and womb motifs, Mohenjo-daro.
56.Burial offering of a shell ladle made from the spiney murex shell, Harappa.
57.Carved ivory counters, Mohenjo-daro.

58. Painted elephant head with stylized wide spread ears, Harappa.
59.Tiger or leopard figurine with incised facial features, Harappa.
60.Faience monkey figurine or amulet.

61. Molded terracotta tablet with gharial and fish motif, Mohenjo-daro.
62.Bronze plate with vertical sides, Mohenjo-daro.
63.Molded terracotta tablet showing a tree growing from a low platform, Harappa.

64. Enraged horned tiger-human diety on a terracotta finger puppet mask or pendant, Harappa.
65.Horned diety represented on a terracotta finger puppet mask or pendant, Mohenjo-daro.
66.Faience amulet of a seated ram, Harappa.

67. A large block of domestic buildings at Mohenjo-daro that are often referred to as the chief's house.
68.A private well in DK-G area in Mohenjo-daro has been excavated in such a way that it appears to be a tower.
69.A bathing platform in the SD area at Mohenjo-daro with a drain leading out to the street.

70. Beneath the disturbed upper layers of Mound AB at Harappa. a row of bathing platforms and a large well may have been used for public washing and bathing (partially reconstructed with modern drains for conservation).
71.Brick buildings in the HR area in Mohenjo-daro showing a blocked up doorway and numerous building levels.
72.The baked brick buildings of Mohenjo-daro are grouped into different neighborhoods linked by wide streets, such as First Street in the DK-G area, which is over 9 meters wide.

73. Cubical chert weights from Allahdino [Sindh].
74.Black-slipped jar from Harappa with both pre-firing and post-firing inscriptions.
75.Terracotta model oxcart from Nausharo.

76. Stoneware bangle and incised bangle fragment from Mohenjo-daro.
77.Adult male burial with personal ornaments, Harappa.
78.Burial of a woman from Harappa, with shell bangles on the left arm, Harappa.

79. Terracotta female figurine with elaborate ornaments, Harappa.
80.Wide shell bangles, each made from a single conch shell (Turbinella pyrum), Harappa.

1Ancient Indus Valley Slides (80)$130
Shipping $4

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